Are You Ready for 2018?

As you pull out your new 2018 calendars and start filling them in, don’t forget to add the GRIP February 14 registration date. Most reservations for courses are taken that day and you will want to be among those who get your choice of class. The popular courses will max out quickly but don’t be afraid of the wait list! When opening occur, the list is consulted in the order in which we receive the requests. Also keep in mind that a few of the most popular courses are being offered in Pittsburgh, PA, and again in Amherst (Buffalo), NY. You can see the 23 courses offered in 3 separate weeks under the Courses menu. Stay tuned to the Registration page as we add more information over the next six weeks!

One of the ways to quickly get through the registration process is to pre-register your contact information so that you are not slowed down by typing in your address, etc. Go to and carefully enter the email that you wish to use to communicate with GRIP. Those who have been to GRIP previously are in the system and may want to check to make sure you know the email under which you registered, and that all other information is correct. Your email is your gateway to a smooth registration.

Have you taken advantage of scholarship opportunities? Many of them have a December 31 deadline each year. See the blog post here about the particulars. Have you thought about how some of that money from Christmas or gift returns could be applied to your education fund?

There are many ways to stay in touch with GRIP news. You can sign up for email notification on the website. Anytime there is a new posting on the webpage you will be notified. Your email is used for no other reason. You can also “Like” the GRIP Facebook page at and participate in the Facebook group at which has polls, comments, and questions, and great advice for attending GRIP!

Debbie and Elissa and all the GRIP instructors pictured below wish you a wonderful 2018 and hope it contains lots of new genealogical discoveries!

How many GRIP instructors can you name?

How many GRIP instructors can you name?

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