2016 June – German Research Resources

German Research Resources

Co-coordinators: F. Warren Bittner and Baerbel Johnson, AG

Held June 26-July 1, 2016, at La Roche College, Pittsburgh, PA. Registration Information.

This intermediate German course will teach tools for finding places in Germany, and introduce a wide variety of records types: civil records, maps, online sources, land records, citizenship records, etc. Most of the following topics will be covered while the others become additional reading and reference material.

Monday, June 27 through Friday, July 1 at 11:30 a.m.

German History (Warren Bittner)
Two semesters of German history in 75 minutes. Hold onto your seats.

Meyer’s Gazetteer (Warren Bittner)
Meyer’s Gazetteer is essential for German research. Mastering the punctuation and abbreviations can lead to many levels of records.

German Regional Gazetteers and Resources (Baerbel Johnson)
Learn the best gazetteers to use in each of the German states.

Solving German Emigration Problems (Baerbel Johnson)

Solving Difficult Emigration and Immigration Problems (Baerbel Johnson)

Tool Kits for Finding German Places: Bads, Bergs, Burgs, and Bachs (Warren Bittner)
Maps guides to German parish registers; reverse sorts; Kartenmeister; Genealogy.net; parishes in archives.

German Maps and Territories: You Can’t Do Research without Them (Warren Bittner)
Learn micro and macro changes to the map of Germany. Find how understanding nobility regions can help research

German Maps Online (Baerbel Johnson)
German Empire maps, Prussian map collections published by the University of Greifswald, regional collections.

German Research and the Law (Warren Bittner)
The individual estate, the territorial state, tenants and land, das alte Reich, the French Revolution, the civil state, Germany after 1871, German inheritance laws

Culture, Society, and  Occupations in German Towns and Villages (Warren Bittner)
Guild records, occupations, town vs. village

Beyond German Church Records — Lesser-used German Genealogical Sources (Baerbel Johnson)
Beyond baptisms, marriages, and burials: confirmation, penance, alms- and other financial records, soul registers, family books, and church court minutes.

Civil Registration Records in Germany (Baerbel Johnson)
Records west of the Rhine, marriage supplements, civil records in general, film and online collections

Published Sources for German Research (Warren Bittner)
Deutsche Geschlechterbücher, Ortsfamilienbücher, funeral sermons,
Der Schlüssel, published marriages

Reading for Historical Context: Beat the Children with a Fresh Birch Stick so the Animals Don’t Get Worms (Warren Bittner)

Helpful German Research Websites (Baerbel Johnson)
Research tools, data bases, and record portals online have changed the way we do research.

German Internet Research–What’s New? (Baerbel Johnson)

Resources for German Research in Formerly Eastern Areas (Baerbel Johnson)

Using Digital Libraries for German Family History Research (Baerbel Johnson)
Find emigrants, family information, and history in newspapers, city directories, and other published sources online.

German Marriage Laws and Customs (Warren Bittner)
Marriage customs and records

German Town Genealogies on the Internet (Baerbel Johnson)

German Archives–Full of Hidden Treasures (Baerbel Johnson)
Research in German archives and libraries. Not everything is online.

11:30 a.m.  Wrap-up, certificates, farewells before lunch