Excitement in Pennsylvania!

I’d like to update you on GRIP but first wanted to announce that the formerly closely held Pennsylvania birth and death records have now been made more open beginning today! Birth records older than 105 years and death records over 50 years old can now be obtained for $3 by using a form and the online indices at the Pennsylvania Department of Health. Since Pennsylvania began its state-held records in 1906, this means that birth records from 1906 and death records 1906-1961 are now publicly accessible. No photo ID required; no more next of kin needed! The bad news is that each year is a separate search. The good news is that you can do the online search in your jammies and mail in your request once you find the State File Number in the index. Have fun!

For those in the Advanced Research Methods course (and others) you may be interested in reading Chris Staats humorous take on the registration process, along with what looks like a sign-in among that class. We also want to thank Susan Farrell Bankhead for including GRIP in her list of courses and conferences. Thomas MacEntee did a nice job describing why Institutes “simply rock.” Thank you, Angela McGhie, Dick Eastman, Amy Coffin, Dear Myrtle, and AncestryInsider for your posts mentioning GRIP.

GRIP registrations are still coming in. Advanced Research Methods is full with a waiting list. Intermediate Research, German Research, and Beneath the Home Page courses still have openings but are nearing their capacities as well. If you know anyone who is procrastinating in their registration, let them know that open spots are dwindling.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. Donna B. Cauffiel says:

    This update is great for those of use that are involved in documentation for DAR and SAR membership apps.

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