GRIP July 2015 Update: Intermediate Genealogy – Tools for Digging Deeper

Genealogical brick walls often mean that we need to learn a new technique, skill, or record group. Once a genealogist realizes that taking a course pays for itself in learning to become more efficient and understanding and analyzing records better (therefore accomplishing more in a smaller amount of time), they will enjoy what courses can offer.

What are the holes in your genealogy education? Can you benefit from learning how to handle brick walls? Then you may be ready to take “Intermediate Genealogy: Tools for Digging Deeper.” Just as the title suggests, you will be given tools to help you delve deeper into your family history and be made aware of the pitfalls that create brick walls. You will explore record groups and have class discussions about student-submitted research problems, all the while enjoying your classmates camaraderie.

Or as the course coordinator, Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, puts it:

“Are you beyond the beginning stages of researching your family history? You probably have checked the basic records and done online searches but still have blanks to fill in. Maybe you need to gain more leads and judge the records but need some analytical skills for that. We will delve deeper into a variety of records, some that you may have never heard about, and where they may be accessed. During the week there will be some hands-on projects, small group discussions, and full class interaction as we develop research plans, delve into the records, and learn what may get those blanks filled in.”

Are you ready to learn how to accomplish more and learn brick-wall-busting techniques? Registration for the Intermediate course, held July 19-24, will begin on Wednesday, February 18, 2015.

2013 July 25 - Intermediate course students - Brent Chadwick - Nan Kilkeary - Barb Gallagher

Door prize winner thanks to publisher GPC!

Door prize winner thanks to publisher GPC!

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