GRIP at the National Genealogical Society in Charleston, SC

Many of the attendees of the National Genealogical Society conference in Charleston, SC, had heard of GRIP and wanted more information. The coordinators (Tom Jones, Paula Stuart-Warren, Josh Taylor and John Humphrey) were told of people’s enthusiasm for this new educational opportunity. Many would have signed up on the spot if it was possible.

People love the idea of this Institute in Pittsburgh, especially those with western Pennsylvania ancestors. Pittsburgh was an early gateway to the west, sitting at the joining of the Ohio and Monongehela rivers to form the might Ohio River. Historic and well-placed, thousands of ancestors passed through the area on their way westward whether by water, road, or (later) railroad and canal.

Others who are excited about GRIP in July 2012 are teachers and parents of children who find it hard to leave home at other times of the year. Summer allows more flexibility in scheduling. Pittsburgh can also be a destination vacation for the whole family with wonderful museums (the dinosaur museum is a favorite), science center (with a submarine one can explore), a zoo, a conservatory, an aviary, several amusement parks and many activities too numerous to mention.

GRIP’s presence at the NGS conference was also noted by the well-known blogger, Dick Eastman who did a audio interview with co-directors Elissa Powell and Debbie Deal that he will make available on his website in the near future. Keep an ear open to this website or his ( for further information.

The NGS conference was a wonderful experience where all of our instructors gave lectures. If you would like to catch some of those, many were recorded by JAMB and can be ordered on audio CD at

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