GRIP July 2015 Update: Advanced Research Methods

Have you found that genealogy can be fun with the types of puzzles it presents? Do you enjoy the “thinking (wo)man’s game” of evidence analysis and reasoning? Then you will probably enjoy “Advanced Research Methods” with Thomas W. Jones, Ph.D., CG, CGL and instructors Judy G. Russell, J.D., CG, CGL, Rick Sayre, CG, CGL, and Pam Sayre, CG, CGL.

Tom says, “Participants will develop advanced genealogical research, analysis, correlation and compilation skills. Hands-on activities, using original records, will enhance this learning. Examples are drawn from American states and colonies and European countries.” This is the type of course that leaves you wanting more!

Registration for this and five other courses, all held July 19-24, will begin Wednesday, February 18, at noon eastern. The Advanced Methods course description contains the eighteen sessions that will be presented throughout the week. Descriptions of the other courses are also under the Courses menu tab.

Remember to be patient on Wednesday when trying to register as the system will probably be stressed right at noon. See you in Pittsburgh this summer!

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