GRIP June 2015 Update: Problem Solving with Church Records

GRIP is happy to present an unique course addressing a never-before-presented topic. Rev. Dr. David McDonald, CG, a minister and board-certified genealogist, is offering a course on church records and how they can solve certain genealogical brick walls. We must understand our ancestors’ religion in order to find the records or why the denomination may not have kept certain records. This course will also help you to find your ancestors’ religious affiliation through clues they left behind in their habits and attitudes. You will learn of the religious reasons why your ancestors may have migrated if their religion was not a popular one.

Dave McDonald says, “The nature of Christian communities and churches through the centuries suggests that there is overlap in theological perspectives and outlook, with important similarities across denominational boundaries, and yet some very distinct differences within particular sects or traditions. Accordingly, traditions will be considered on a stand-alone basis and also in comparison with and in contrast to other bodies.”

With America’s melting pot, you may have ancestors from many different religious traditions. Come learn how they interacted. A detailed list of the eighteen sessions is available under Courses. This course is offered June 28-July 3, 2015.

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