GRIP June 2015 Update: Writing Your Immigrant Families’ Stories – From Research to Publishing

Don’t let the title of this course fool you too much. This course is intended to give you experience with writing and publishing your family’s history by using immigrant ancestors from each century as examples. Known for both his expertise in immigration methods and records, and his engaging storytelling style, John Phillip Colletta, Ph.D., will personally give you feedback on writing samples you submit in class. Michael Hait, CG, an accomplished author and experienced self-publisher, will contribute his knowledge to the class as well.

As Dr. Colletta describes the course:

“Since the migration from the Old World to the New tends to be the most dramatic and momentous chapter in American family history, this saga will provide vivid examples and case studies from colonial times through the early twentieth century. They will help demonstrate how to compile the material you’ve gathered; maximize records such as ship passenger lists, naturalization records, and other key sources; choose a numbering system; document, edit and proofread your text; and publish your work on paper or electronically. Classes explore how to weave oral family lore, treasured heirlooms, and pertinent local history into your ancestors’ stories, and how to incorporate maps, charts and illustrations to enliven your prose. One in-class writing exercise (with follow-up in-class critique) helps you improve practical writing skills, share your special talents, and exchange ideas with the instructors and fellow students. Solid genealogical scholarship and narrative family history writing are complementary.”

No matter the writing project you may have in mind, you will find this course and your classmates inspirational. So much so you may just find that you will want to continue the association after the course has finished!

To see a detailed description of the course content offered June 28-July 3, please click on Courses above or follow the embedded link.

Dr. John Colletta, Michael Hait, CG, and class of 2013

Dr. John Colletta, Michael Hait, CG, and class of 2013

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