In Their Words: Cutting Edge Genetic Genealogy

Are you experienced with genetic genealogy? Want to discuss cutting edge topics with others? Then don’t miss this opportunity for “Advanced Genetic Genealogy” with CeCe Moore, Blaine Bettinger, Ph.d., J.D., Brianne Kirkpatrick, MS, LGC, and Karen Stanbary, CG, to go beyond the basics. With registration for the six July 16-21 courses opening on Wednesday, March 8 at Noon Eastern, you won’t want to miss out on this hand-on course that allows you to deep-dive into unknown parentage, triangulation, admixtures and ethnicity, ethical and legal considerations, working with a genetic counselor, working as a genetic genealogist, and the future of genetic genealogy.

So many topics, so little time! Or at least that is how you will feel after spending four and a half days with the best genetic genealogists in the field. This course is full of discussion about the future of genetic genealogy and how to best use the available tools.

Or as CeCe states it: “Advanced Genetic Genealogy delves deeply into both the theories and methodologies essential to our field. Examining the foundational concepts at a deeper level than typically covered elsewhere enables our students to utilize the data in much more efficient and effective ways, opening a unique window into the past. Throughout the week, our students will explore the most current and advanced methodologies used in cutting-edge genetic genealogy, taking their expertise to a new level.

Last year’s course was more exciting and inspiring than I could have hoped, even for the instructors! Every day we experienced an engaging exchange of ideas and insightful discussions from some of the top genealogists applying DNA to their research. I think of this course as an extended “master class” with our brightest and most innovative minds. 

I am very much looking forward to an equally successful course this summer, with a new group of students with fresh ideas to share. We will be covering the latest updates in the field and thoroughly discussing the amazing changes we see happening in this field every day.  You will leave this class newly invigorated to return to your genetic genealogy research.

This 37-second testimonial shows you some of the college campus in suburban Pittsburgh.

Consider taking this course when making your selection for the July GRIP week, held at beautiful La Roche College in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For a detailed description of the 18 sessions in this course, see This is bound to be a popular course. Be sure to read “Tips and Tricks for Getting the Course You Want.”

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2 Responses to In Their Words: Cutting Edge Genetic Genealogy

  1. Julie says:

    How much experience should I have before taking this course?

    • GRIPitt says:

      The prerequisites are listed at along with the course curriculum. It will be very advanced and fast-paced with lots of discussion. The Practical Genetic Genealogy is also offered and has a wait list. Please send an email from the Registration page if you want to be placed on the list. Cancellations in class rosters do occur.

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