In Their Words: Writing Courses, pt. 2

This is one of a series of posts to let the course coordinators describe their GRIP courses to you. With registration for the six June 25-30 courses opening on Wednesday, February 22 at Noon Eastern, you won’t want to miss out on one of the courses that will have you bursting to try what you learned.

Michael Leclerc, CG, of Boston, Massachusetts, has created “Writing and Sharing Your Family History,” a never-before-offered writing course to encourage students to share their family stories not only with the current family but for generations to come. If we aren’t doing all this research to share, then who will benefit from your hard work? Writing what we know about our family (or someone else’s) is a gift to the future–something that Michael is experiencing with his current project, a genealogy detailing all of Benjamin Franklin’s father’s descendants. So what does Michael intend for the week? He says:

2016 June course at GRIP

2016 June course at GRIP

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our research, that we forget to share our findings. Many want to start writing, but aren’t sure how. Over the course of the past two decades, I have written and edited countless blog posts, articles, and compiled genealogies of varying lengths. I am pleased to be able to share the benefits of my experience with the students at GRIP, and help them learn how to write up their research to share with their families.

This course is a broad survey that will discuss a variety of ways to write. We will discuss a variety of types of writing, proofreading and editing, and indexing your work. We will learn how to use the powerful tools built into Microsoft Word that save time and money. Best of all, students will get practice writing using their own research. They will get personalized feedback on their assignments. And each of the eighteen sessions are designed to be highly interactive, with lots of discussion.

By the time the institute ends, students will have a firm foundation for writing and sharing the stories of their families, both online and in print. And they will have all the tools they need to embark on major projects, like writing a compiled genealogy of the family.

Consider how this writing course will inspire you to complete family history projects by taking it at GRIP, held at La Roche College in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For details of the 18 sessions see the course description at

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3 Responses to In Their Words: Writing Courses, pt. 2

  1. Ann Watson says:

    Can people use other word processing programs in this course? For example, OpenOffice. It works just like Word.

    • GRIPitt says:

      From Michael Leclerc: “There are many word processing program, such as Pages and Open Office, that have similar basic functionality to Word. This software works well for the average user with little difference. Unfortunately, the more sophisticated functionality that we use for genealogy is not available from these software packages. For those who don’t already have Word, I would suggest subscribing to the online Office365 service. The cost is $9.99/month for a subscription. Students can subscribe for a month to have the access to Word for the institute, then cancel it if they decide not to use it going forward.”

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