John Humphrey spoke at German conference

John Humphrey, CG, was one of the speakers at the Palatines to America national conference in Pittsburgh last weekend. I know that the students in his German Research course are in for a treat judging from the lectures he presented. His careful and patient explanation of Gothic German print letters in one lecture gave most attendees the ability to decipher the American German-language newspapers samples. These newspapers are such an underutilized resource. When English-language papers gave short-shrift or no mention at all of immigrant deaths, an area German-language newspaper may give a full biography. John gave techniques in how to read and translate the Gothic print. This is like giving a key to a locked box that contains valuable information that may just break through a “brick wall.”

A new GRIP brochure is now available to anyone who would like to print it. If you are talking with your friends, colleagues and society members about GRIP you might like to have something to show them that gives the current information about the institute.

Please navigate to “Press Room” in the black toolbar and you will see the link to the tri-fold brochure. It is a succinct explanation of the press release that follows its notice.

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