GRIP Welcomes June Students; July GRIP Openings

The Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh (GRIP) conducts two institute weeks this year. The first one from June 25-30 is expecting 147 students from 30 states and 18 faculty in six courses. The second one from July 16-21 has 167 students and 15 faculty members. There are still openings in four of the six courses in July and registrations are still being accepted for “Advanced Genetic Genealogy” with CeCe Moore, “Intermediate Genealogy: Tools for Digging Deeper” with Paula Stuart-Warren, CG, “Law School for Genealogists” with Judy G. Russell, JD, CG, CGL and Richard G. Sayre, CG, CGL, and “Gateway to the Garden State: Sources and Strategies for New Jersey Research” with Melissa A. Johnson, CG.

For those of you who like statistics, in our June GRIP week, 76% are driving, 22% are flying, and 2% other. Although GRIP is not a stranger to 68.5% of students who have attended previously, 20% will enjoy their first institute experience and 11.5% have been to another institute. One attraction at GRIP is the inexpensive dorm housing of which 72% of the students are taking advantage of 5 nights and 15 meals this year for $295 shared, or $395 in a private room.

In July, students from 38 states and Canada will drive (64%), fly (32%), or take a train (4%). Those who have been to GRIP before (56%) and those who have been to another institute (8%) will mingle with those who have never been to an institute (36%) and learn the value of taking a week-long course.

Combined we have over 300 students from 42 states plus Canada taking 12 unique courses.

The 2018 schedule which expands GRIP from two weeks to three and from 12 courses offered to 23 can be found under the “2018 Courses” tab. Make your plans now and stay tuned for registration dates in February and March!

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