Last minute registration tips

As we look forward to the opening of registration tomorrow you will want to prepare by making your choices so that you can speed through the registration process.

1.) Choose a course. Review the course blog spotlights and the schedules which detail each class content to help in your decision.

2.) Choose whether you will share a dorm room or have a private room. Sharing a room for the five nights is a wonderful way to get to know a friend better or make a new friend. If you don’t have a roommate, one can be assigned. Last year several happy roommates told the GRIP co-directors how much they enjoyed their new found friend. Shared dorm rooms also allow us to house more students on campus.

3.) Decide if you will purchase a GRIP polo shirt (or two). There will be a day during the week when class photos will be taken. Wearing your shirt that day makes for great pictures. See the 2012 courses for class pictures.

[Please be patient with the system as it tallies your final bill.]

4.) Enter your contact information. If you are a previous student, the system may recognize you and skip this step.

5.) Answer the six questions on the questionnaire:

  • How did your hear about GRIP? (Please tell us where you first learned of the institute.)
  • How will you get to GRIP? (Drop-down menu so you don’t have to think much on this one!)
  • Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less. You can have a prepared text that you copy and paste into the text box.
  • Give us your roommates name or if you want one assigned, just state “male” or “female.”
  • If you purchased a shirt this is where you say what style (men’s or women’s) and what size. See size chart at bottom of Registration page.
  • Is this your first week-long institute? If you came to GRIP last year, let us know or if you are new to the institute experience.

That’s it! Make sure you do proceed through the summary page (where you can include a second email for the confirmation) and go to the checkout page with the “REGISTER” button.

***You won’t be able to claim your classroom spot without hitting “REGISTER” and getting a confirmation screen. ***

On the confirmation screen you can print the invoice that you send in with your check. You should also get a confirmation email.

Good luck! Any problems, email us.

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5 Responses to Last minute registration tips

  1. Rachelle Joy says:

    If you are put on a waiting list for your 1st choice, can you register for a second choice class?

    • admin says:

      If a course becomes filled, the system will not let you register for it. You may register for your second choice at that time. When a class fills we will put a handy waitlist email link on the Registration page which facilitates an email to us with the proper heading.

    • Eric Stroschein says:

      I hope you get into the class you are looking at.

  2. Christine Mcmullen says:

    Is staying on campus necessary to attend the session? My mother is less than 4 miles from campus and I would prefer to stay with her as my son will be there while I am in town.


    • admin says:

      Staying on campus is not required. It sounds like you have found a great cost-effective way to participate in the institute.

      I will pass along that there are evening activities and that a lot of networking and fun happens at meals. Commuter students (I was one in college) can participate in the socialization by planning to eat in the cafeteria (very reasonably priced payable at the door: $6 for lunch and $7 for dinner) and stay to hear the evening lectures. This includes the Sunday evening “kick-off” institute meeting at 6:30 P.M.

      We also have several people who live in the area who usually attend.

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