News from and about GRIP – Friday

This is our last daily news and notes. We hope you have had a good time here at GRIP or enjoyed seeing a partial window on what was going on this week.

BCG associates please note that a group photo will be taken Friday morning at 10 a.m. by the steps. The Law class will be retaken shortly before that.

Dorm students should be able to give their keys and swipe cards back to the La Roche students stationed outside the dorm door from about 11:30 to 1:30. IF they are not there, place in manila envelope taped to the “GRIPitt Ladies” room door. You do not need to strip the beds or take the trash out. You may park in back of the dorm and load from there if you wish.

We hope you have filled out your evaluation. Turn into your coordinator before lunch. Lunch is included in the dorm package. (We wouldn’t want you traveling on an empty stomach!)

One person expressed an interest in recycling her name badge. You may do so after lunch by placing in the paper bag at the GRIP table at the bottom of the steps. Thanks for your thoughtfulness and environmental consciousness. If you would like to keep your badge, please feel free to do so and use it at other conferences and research trips.

We have meant all week to feature some of our students such as the several sets of married couples, the Beamer sisters (one of whom is from New Zealand), our three Canadians and Israel Pickholtz from Jerusalem, Israel. We understand he did a terrific job last night giving a talk on the difficulties of Jewish genealogy. Israel grew up in Pittsburgh but left 41 years ago to live in Israel.

One fun fact from Maia’s Books: The number one best selling book in the past year? There’s a Map on My Lap! by Dr. Seuss, followed closely by Genealogy Standards by the Board for Certification of Genealogists.

Time is always so short and as our “genealogy bubble” has to burst and reality sets in, we wish everyone safe travels until we meet again.

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