News from and about GRIP – Monday

In lieu of a daily printed newsletter during GRIP we will be eco-friendly and transmit information for the 206 GRIP institute students and dozen faculty through this website.

We will enjoy snack time each afternoon during the 2 pm or 2:30 break. Please join us in College Center Square for M&Ms, pretzels and cold bottled water. This is the area on the way to the cafeteria where you will also find your GRIP co-directors during most of the day.

The cafeteria often has two serving lines or areas. You are allowed to eat in the “Private Dining Room” off to the side as well as out in College Center Square (CCS). Please bus your tables and replace any chairs you moved in CCS.

The cafeteria building air-conditioner will be repaired when the part arrives (expected on Tuesday). Thank you for your patience while these repairs are made. Hopefully, once fixed, the building will cool by the time of our Tuesday evening lecture. At 7 pm we will have a program given by Cindi Ingle and sponsored by the North Hills Genealogists on evaluating websites. Cindi is the owner of

Martha Mercer has arrived and has set up her books in CCS! Thanks for asking about when she would arrive. We know you will enjoy the wide selection of genealogy, historical, social history, etc. books. She does accept credit cards. Running out of time to browse? Make a stack with your name on it and cash out later.

Many people enjoy doing research in Pittsburgh and may need a ride to the Carnegie Library or have room in their car. The GRIP Ride Board is located between classrooms SC105 and SC106. It can also be used for other messages if you wish. (Can anyone say “cousin bait”?)

For the dorm students if you need anything in the evening (especial toilet paper), please stop by the Co-Directors room near the entrance.

All students who bought polo shirts, please check your size that you received the correct size. The bag also marked whether it was a men’s or ladies’ size and some people may have received the opposite type. Please see Elissa or Deb to make a correction or claim your shirt if you did not pick one up (white tag was behind your name badge).

We are hearing good things about the classes and what you have learned so far! Keep up the good work!

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