News from and about GRIP – Wednesday

Day Two of the week-long GRIP institute went well and students seem to be busy applying their classroom knowledge to their homework in order to internalize their learning.

Although “shirt day” is Thursday, the Law School for Genealogists course will have their class picture taken on Wednesday at 12:40 pm in SC103. Wear your GRIP polo shirt if you have one, even if just for the picture. We wanted to be sure to include in the picture Marian Smith, the visiting  instructor who is an expert from the National Archives, Washington, DC.

If you won the door prize on Sunday night for the genetics book, please see Elissa or Debbie. The door prizes for each classroom will be awarded in the classroom.

BCG portfolios are available at meal times when a Board-certified volunteer is available. Please check near Maia’s Books set-up in College Center Square to see if a volunteer is present to answer questions and help you.

For those who want more information on the Boston University Genealogical Research Program, please plan to have lunch in the cafeteria “private dining room” (across from the desserts) on Thursday from noon to 12:30 pm. Tom Jones and Elissa Powell will facilitate the discussion and answer any questions about the program. Alumni are welcome to join us.

Pictures and comments are on Facebook which can be viewed in the side panel of this website.

We can’t wait to see what Day Three will bring!

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