Pennsylvania Death Records – Next Batch Accessible

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As promised, has posted the next installment of Pennsylvania death certificates for 1924-1944, making the entire collection now available from the beginning of state death certificates in 1906 through 1944. The next installment, scheduled for the November, should bring access to all the legally permitted public death certificates up to 1963. Birth certificates from 1906 to 1908, although publicly available now, will not be placed in the database until next spring.

Although subscribers have access, the partnership with the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission allows for free access to Pennsylvania residents through its portal link. Once one of the most restrictive states for vital records access, since 2012Pennsylvania has allowed public access to death certificates older than 50 years and birth records over 105 years old. To order a certificate you may get an uncertified copy (not for official business) through the information found on this page.

Official certified copies of birth and death records with raised seals are obtainable but the cost is going up July 1, 2014 from $10 to $20 for the certified birth certificates (and only birth certificates) with the additional amount by the Department of Public Welfare to help fund and provide for children’s advocacy centers as well as child abuse prevention training. Certified death certificates remain at $9. Official certificates are the only choice for death records after 1964 and for birth records after 1908 since they fall inside of the set privacy years.

A good website for additional information is

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In the meantime there are still some openings in this summer’s institutes in Pittsburgh July 20-25 and in Orchard Lake, Michigan, August 3-8, 2014. Please see the “Courses” tab to read about the ten courses being offered. Last chance to register! Those who have already registered for each institute should have received pre-registration information this past week. Any questions, please email us.

John Regoli 1933 Pennsylvania Death Certificate

John Regoli 1933 Pennsylvania Death

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2 Responses to Pennsylvania Death Records – Next Batch Accessible

  1. Mary Beth Adams says:

    FYI. If you are looking for someone who you know died in Pennsylvania and you do not find them on Ancestry, go back to the indices. I have found several names in the indices that were not transferred over to Ancestry.

    • admin says:

      Mary Beth, you bring up an important point in research — don’t rely on any one index as 100%. For example the census that is a foundation of research has many indexes created at different times. It pays to utilize more than one when searches do not yield the desired results. It may be the way the indexer saw the original or the way they mistyped it that is causing the problem in one but not another index.

      Joshua Taylor’s course at GRIP in Pittsburgh July 20-25 “Becoming an Online Expert: Mastering Search Engines and Digital Archives” is bound to give more helpful and time-saving tools and techniques for successful research. There are still a few seats left but registration will close soon.

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