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2015 June – John Colletta – Barbara Ball

Break time with Barbara Ball and John Colletta

Break time with Barbara Ball and John Colletta

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2 Responses to 2015 June – John Colletta – Barbara Ball

  1. Carolyn says:

    Hello, I am not sure what or how to ask this. Please excuse my nesnwes to genealogy. My 7th Ggrandfather was Joseph Bridger. I believe he was the son of Hester Pitt and Samuel Bridger. Anyway, how far back do I need to show documentation that I am a descendant. Is there a person that if I show proof of kinship that will then link to Joseph Bridger. I would not want to spend research time on something already accepted. Thank you, Carolyn

    • GRIPitt says:

      Even if some of your family history has been done before, you won’t know that it has been done reliably until you see the original records for yourself. The standard way of doing family history research is to start with yourself and go backward, one generation at a time, proving each generation to the previous with records and information. Any discrepancies must be accounted for and any relationship stated by others that records cannot support should not be readily accepted. Most importantly know that *all* records lie and only by comparing various ones for the same events will you know which ones are inaccurate.

      Good luck and happy hunting!

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