Please read this page fully and understand the cancellation and non-payment policies. It also gives you hints on how to quickly and efficiently go through the registration system. If you have never been to GRIP, you can enter your contact information now to save time during registration. Be sure to use a valid email address to which you will receive GRIP communications. It is also your login to the registration system.

In 2018, there are two different weeks during which GRIP will be held on the La Roche College campus in Pittsburgh, PA and one week at Daemen College in Amherst, NY. Each week has its own registration link. The Courses tab has the list of courses and descriptions for each week.

For questions about the registration process, pricing, etc., please read the rest of this page.


11 a.m.  (8 a.m. Pacific): June 24-29 courses in Pittsburgh, PA

1 p.m. (10 a.m. Pacific): July 22-27 courses in Pittsburgh, PA

3 p.m. (noon Pacific): July 29-August 3 in Amherst, NY (Buffalo)

NOTE: Course registration can be extremely competitive for popular courses and instructors. Courses can be sold out within minutes of registration opening. (For advice from an attendee, see Genealogy Pants blog.) As each course sells out an email link to send a Waitlist request will appear above, or email with your name, email, and desired course. We will accommodate as many wait list requests as we can in the order of the date stamp on the wait list email requests.

TUITION: includes the one-week course, daytime and optional evening sessions, PDF syllabus material delivered electronically (a printed notebook may be purchased), Sunday evening dinner in the cafeteria prior to the welcome program, social activities, snacks, and a small gift. Payment by check is expected within 30 days of your online reservation. Early bird tuition is $460 if registered by May 1. Tuition payment after that date is $485.

ON-CAMPUS HOUSING: Dormitory accommodations are available for shared double and private rooms in Pittsburgh and private rooms only in Amherst. A limited number of triple dorm rooms (3 beds, one bath) are available in Pittsburgh. In either location, the housing package comes with fifteen meals in the cafeteria. It is not mandatory to stay on-campus but it is certainly very convenient! Please see the Location menu tab for more information. You may choose your air-conditioned housing option when you register for your course.

La Roche College, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

  • triple (shared, limited number) room with its own “en suite” bath: $310 per person
  • double (shared) room, own “en suite” bath: $310 per person
  • single (private) room, own “en suite” bath: $410

Daemen College, Amherst, New York:

  • Apartment-style private bedroom, shared kitchen, dining, and living room: $475.

PAYMENT: Your online course reservation will result in an email confirmation. An invoice must accompany your payment check within 30 days to secure your classroom seat. To print an invoice, please enter the registration system through the registration link, enter the email used to register, then click on “More Details.” On the next page is the option “Invoice.” If you are having problems seeing the invoice, turn off your pop-up blocker temporarily and try again. Be patient as it does take a minute or two to appear.

Checks should be made out to GRIP and sent to:
G. R. I. P.
P. O. Box 44
Wexford, PA 15090-0044



Prompt payment is expected. Cancellation of your online reservation or failure to pay for your course reservation within 30 days of making it will result in cancellation of your classroom seat and an assessment of a $25 administrative fee owed to GRIP which covers the cost incurred in taking your reservation. Cancellation refund requests, subject to a $75 cancellation fee, must be received in writing no later than 30 days before the start of the institute week. No refunds if cancelled 29 days or less. Any owed cancellation fees will be carried over to the following year. If you need to transfer to a different week, a $20 transfer fee will be assessed. There is no charge for transferring between courses within the same week.

NEWS: To stay at the forefront of GRIP news, sign up for email notification in the sidebar. You will be sent an email only when something new happens on this website. Facebook and LinkedIn are also good ways to learn what is new with GRIP. Please “Like” our Facebook page.


The following will be helpful to know previous to registration.

To begin the online process, be prepared to enter your valid email address. This is where confirmations and communications from GRIP will be sent. If you have ever registered for GRIP, the system already has your email and profile information–please check it. If you have moved, you can change your Profile information. If you have never been to GRIP, you can enter your contact information ahead of time.

A sequential series of screens asking for information will need to be filled in before the “Register” button can be pushed. Only the “Register” button finalizes your choices. The process is described below:

Choose one of the courses offered by checking the box. If you want a dorm room, place the number “1” in the appropriate box (shared or private). For the shared room, you may place a “1” for yourself, or a “2” in the box if you want to pay for both roommates (2 X dorm price). Whether or not you pay for him/her, the roommate’s name will be entered a little later in the process under Questionnaire no. 4. If you don’t have a roommate, one can be assigned to you.

All students will receive syllabus materials delivered as a PDF to the email with which they register. The syllabus is for personal use only. You can then print it at home if you want to bring a paper copy to GRIP. If you want to pick up a printed syllabus notebook at GRIP, please purchase that option for $12. Syllabuses run from 100 to 150 pages depending on the course.

You may also purchase an optional polo shirt with the GRIP logo. This year’s color will be light blue and the ladies’ version will have a feminine “johnny” collar with no buttons. It is 6.7-oz 60/40 cotton/polyester pique which is comfortable, yet both stain and wrinkle resistant. Class photos are taken on “shirt day” which is typically Thursday. Give your size on the Questionnaire screen in question no. 5. (The size chart is at the bottom of this page.)

On the next screen, fill in your contact information which includes your name as it will appear on your badge. Previous students may not see this page.

Following the contact information screen is the Questionnaire that asks:

1. How did you hear about GRIP? (narrative text – required field) Please be specific.

2. Will you be driving, flying, taking the train, or taking a bus? (drop-down menu – required field)

3. Tell us about your genealogy experience in 50 words or less. (narrative text – required. You may cut and paste from a prepared text.)

4. Shared Dorm Roommate: LEAVE BLANK if in a private room. If applicable, give roommate’s name. If you want to be matched with a roommate, please indicate your gender by entering “male” or “female” here. (optional text field)

5. If you purchased a polo shirt with the GRIP logo for $20, what size do you need? (drop-down menu with “none” and “yes” shirt size options in both men’s and women’s – see chart below – required.)

6. Is this your first week-long institute? If you came to GRIP previously, let us know or if you are new to the institute experience. (drop-down menu with “Yes,” “No – attended GRIP previously,” and “No – have attended another institute” – required)

7. How many years have you attended GRIP (including this upcoming year or GRIP on the Road)? (“1,2,3,4,5,all 6 years” – required)

8. I AGREE that I owe GRIP $25 for costs incurred during this registration if I cancel my registration between now and when I send my check, or if I do not send a check for tuition. (drop down menu “I understand.” Required.)

Next, the Summary page allows you to enter a second email to which a confirmation will be sent. If everything looks okay, click “Proceed to Checkout.” On the next page are a “Register” button and a text box for any notes you want to make to GRIP. Not until you click “Register” is your course reservation made.

The Confirmation page has 4 options: Print an Invoice to send with your check (this might take several minutes to generate); Register another person with a different email address; Add the event to your Outlook calendar; or Finish.

NOTE: Depending on how busy the registration system is, an invoice may take a long time to generate. It appears as a pop-up so if you have a pop-up blocker on, you will need to temporarily disable it and try to generate the invoice again by entering the registration system and clicking on “other.”

You will receive a confirmation email shortly after you see the confirmation page. Please check your spam filter for it if you do not get it and allow email from “123signup – GRIP” in order to receive future communications. Keep the registration email as it has important information for preparing for your trip to GRIP.


Light blue women's shirt

Light blue women’s shirt; Men’s has classic 3 buttons


Polo shirts are typically worn on Thursday during the week for class pictures. The 2017 color was Light Blue. Chest measurements for men and bust measurements for women are given below in inches. Ladies’ also includes size in parentheses.

 This 6.7 ounce 60/40 cotton/polyester pique is comfortable, yet both stain and wrinkle resistant.

  The men’s style classic sport shirt features include a rib-knit, no-curl collar and cuffs, reinforced side vents, taped neck and shoulders and three bone horn buttons.

  The women’s style features the feminine “Johnny” collar with no buttons and a V-neckline. Men’s shirts have traditional three buttons. Photo: Shirt- Johnny Collar

                         MENS                                      LADIES
S                    34-36″                              32-33″   (4-6)
M                   38-40″                              34-35″  (8-10)
L                    42-44″                              36-38″  (12-14)
XL                 46-48″                              40-42″  (16-18)
2XL               50-52″                              44-46″  (20-22)
3XL               54-56″                              48-50″  (24-26)
4XL               58-60″                              52-54″  (28-30)