Countdown Page

When this counter goes to zero it will be noon on registration day and you will automatically be taken to the Registration management system! DO NOT refresh your screen or otherwise take any action on this page. IT WILL SLOW YOU DOWN and possibly lock up the system!

Just wait and watch the clock tick and enjoy the smooth transition directly to the registration page! While you wait, make sure you have read the GRIP Registration page in full so that you are totally prepared to answer the sign-up questions quickly and efficiently in:



The following is a screen shot of where you will be taken when the timer is at zero. Be prepared to enter your email address in the center box. If you have attended GRIP previously the registration system will remember you and the second screen will be where you select the course, dorm, shirt, and syllabus options. Otherwise you will need to input your contact information first.

NOTE: Be careful how you type your email address as it is not validated.

Registration Opening Page - ENTER EMAIL CAREFULLY

Registration Opening Page – ENTER EMAIL CAREFULLY