Synchronicity in Genealogy

Today is a auspicious date that will not be repeated in our lifetime: 11/11/11. Where were you at 11:11 AM or 11:11 PM? These are thought to be especially significant times for those who believe in the numerology of Synchronicity.

We experience synchronicity in genealogy when luck or the ancestors’ whispers meet our well-prepared mind. The Psychic Roots books by Hank Jones speak to many of these types of events. You may experience it in the “just happens” episodes of research. You just happen to stop in at a distant library or court house when someone who knew your ancestral family was there. You just happen to knock a book off the shelf at the library that opens to your ancestor’s information (happened to me). You just happen to mention something to someone that results in finding the long-lost family Bible. You take a class and spend all week next to your second cousin three times removed — and find that out during the course. You attend a lecture and see your family up on the screen as an example of what the presenter is discussing (happened to me twice as an attendee and once as a presenter).

What are your “just happened to” moments? Did you recognize it because your mind was prepared to receive the answer? How does one become aware of these synchronicities? Genealogical education will help you. We are fortunate to live in an age when you can view online lectures ( has several by your GRIP coordinators and staff), take online classes, or in-person conferences, institutes, or cruises. It is a great time to plan your genealogical education for next year on this auspicious day.


Who says you can’t learn and have fun too? Half of the featured Wholly Genes cruise presenters are 2012 GRIP instructors. The sold-out cruise, which begins Sunday, November 13, looks like a wonderful adventure. Check out the topics that John Humphrey, CG, Rick Sayre, CG, and Pam Sayre, CG, CGL are giving at is continually adding instructional videos that presenters donate to them. One of the latest is a basic cemetery lecture by Elissa Scalise Powell, CG, CGL. It has many slides of tombstones of the Pittsburgh area. Check it out to see if your ancestor “just happens” to be included:

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