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Another Year, Another Set of Pennsylvania Vital Records!

They’re here! Another year of vital records! A few years ago, the Pennsylvania legislature voted to allow public access to Pennsylvania’s birth and death records which had previously been closely held by the state. Voting for a privacy period of … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania 1911 Birth and 1966 Death Records Released to Public

New Year, New Records! Today the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania released the 1911 births (105 years old) and 1966 death records (50 years old) which makes birth records publicly accessible from 1906 through 1911, and deaths 1906 through 1966. But just … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Birth Certificates Now Online

This week was a popular week for online vital records to be released to the public for both Pennsylvania and Michigan. The State of Michigan Archives has copies of Michigan death certificates from 1897 to 1939 online for free at www.SeekingMichigan.org, having just … Continue reading

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Excitement in Pennsylvania!

I’d like to update you on GRIP but first wanted to announce that the formerly closely held Pennsylvania birth and death records have now been made more open beginning today! Birth records older than 105 years and death records over … Continue reading

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