Tips and Tricks for Getting the Course You Want

Genealogy can be a solitary pursuit. Where can you go to not only learn new tricks, websites, and records but also enjoy the company of like-minded individuals? Well, “summer camp for genealogists,” of course! GRIP is an institute which offers five-days of concentrated learning in a collegiate atmosphere on a beautiful college campus. New cousins and new friends are often found in the classrooms and in the cafeteria where students and teachers sit together for their meals. All attendees have opportunities to mix and talk about their favorite topic – genealogy!

GRIP is unique in that it offers two weeks each summer with six different courses each week. Each week has a separate registration opening with the June 25-30 week opening on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, at Noon Eastern (9 a.m. Pacific). The July 16-21 institute week will open for registration on March 8, 2017.

With limited seating in each course, and the best instructors in our field presenting interesting and unique topics, it is no wonder they fill quickly. In order to get an edge on your registration, follow these steps:

1.) If you have not attended GRIP before, enter your email and contact information at Your information will never be used for anything other than to contact you about GRIP. Be sure to type your email accurately as it will be used as the main vehicle of communication. You will receive a confirmation email.

2.) Read the blog posts from the instructors (“In Their Words” series) to decide which course to take. Read the detailed course descriptions which describe the 18 sessions in each course.

3.) Read the Registration page at so that you will know what to expect in the registration process. You can prepare your answers ahead of time and copy and paste them when it comes time to register.

Light blue women's shirt

Light blue women’s shirt

4.) Consider the optional printed syllabus. Although students receive a single PDF of their course material beforehand, if you prefer paper you can either print it out (can be well over 100 pages) or purchase a notebook assembled for you and ready at check-in. GRIP also offers polo shirts each year to wear for “picture day” and other places. This year’s pleasant light blue color should go with most people’s wardrobes.

5.) When it is time to register: you can click on the Countdown Timer page and watch the clock wind down. When it reaches zero, it will seamlessly take you to the registration system that will ask first for your email.

6.) GRIP only accepts checks which are payable within 30 days of registration. Print out a copy of your invoice by first turning off any pop-up blockers since the PDF invoice will appear as a pop-up. Give it some time to produce, especially when registration first opens, as it may be very slow to pop-up (possibly minutes).

7.) IF your course should sell out, please get on the wait-list by sending GRIP an email as to which course you would like. There is usually movement in the lists as “Life-us Interrupt-us” does happen and plans change. Consider a second choice and sign up for it.

8.) Any problems, please contact us by email to: GRIPitt at

We look forward to seeing you this summer and making your “camp” experience memorable!

GRIP Co-directors: Debbie Deal and Elissa Powell

Break time with Barbara Ball and John Colletta

Break time with Barbara Ball and John Colletta

GRIP students browsing Maia's Books at La Roche College.

GRIP students browsing Maia’s Books at La Roche College.

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