Click on the course title below to see course detailed descriptions of the 18 sessions, their prerequisites, and the schedule (in Eastern time) Monday through Friday. The class lectures lead you deeper into the course topic and build your knowledge through presentations, discussions, and hands-on exercises. Some courses may have homework options and optional projects.

2023 TUITION:  The cost includes the one-week course, daytime and optional evening sessions, PDF syllabus material delivered electronically (printed syllabus may be purchased for your course), Sunday evening welcome program, social activities. Payment by check enjoys a reduced cost and is expected within 30 days of your online reservation.

On-campus expenses such as dorm room or meal plans are in addition to tuition.

When you have chosen which course(s) to attend, go to the Registration page for more information and pricing.

SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK – Zoom and In-person (note differences)

  • To encourage classroom participation, GRIP does NOT record any sessions. Plan your schedule accordingly to attend the LIVE sessions delivered via Zoom in June or in-person courses in July.
  • ALL course times are in the Eastern (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) time zone.
  • The Zoom Sunday Welcome Program begins at 7 PM Eastern. (On-campus is about 6:30 PM.) Participate to hear announcements, chance to win door prizes, and to meet your classmates.
  • All Zoom courses begin at 9:30 AM Eastern on Monday for introductions. All in-person courses begin at 8:30 AM Eastern on Monday for introductions.
  • All courses have four 75-minute sessions per day, Monday through Thursday and two on Friday. Zoom session times are 10:00 AM, 11:30 AM, 1:45 PM, and 3:15 PM (Eastern) and in-person times are 9:00 AM, 10:45 AM, 1:30 PM, and 3:15 PM (Eastern).
  • The Institute week ends on Friday at 12:45 PM Eastern for All Zoom courses and at Noon for in-person courses.
  • Courses may have an optional 30-minute session at the beginning or end of the day as noted below in their detailed schedule.
  • Monday through Thursday classes for all end each day at 4:30 PM Eastern with the optional 30-minute enhancement session ending at 5:00 PM Eastern. Check your course schedule below for details.

18-23 June 2023 has the following concurrent courses on ZOOM:

9-14 July 2023 has the following concurrent courses in-person: