GRIP awards an annual scholarship of tuition and on-campus housing. Due January 1 of each year, see below link for application details.

SCHOLARSHIPS are given by organizations who want to promote genealogical education and make the following available to qualifying applicants:

  • American Society of Genealogists (ASG) awards a scholarship of up to $2,000 toward tuition and expenses for attendance at an institute such as GRIP. Deadline is August 31 each year for the following year’s award. Application requirements are found on their website.
  • Ancestry ProGenealogists scholarships award up to $2,000 to each of the four institutes each year covering full tuition and expenses. Candidates are those “who demonstrate a commitment to genealogy as a profession, a desire for professional development, and the ability to communicate that commitment in writing.” Deadline is November 30 each year for the following year’s award.
  • Board for Certification of Genealogists (BCG) Paul Edward Sluby Sr. African American Scholarship awards up to three African American students $1,700 each toward tuition and expenses to one of five institutes, including GRIP. Deadline is September 7.
  • Donald Mosher Memorial Award for Colonial Virginia Research. While not actually a scholarship, this award of $500 can go a long way toward continuing education. Deadline is December 31 each year.
  • GRIP’s Donn Devine Memorial Scholarship awards full tuition and on-campus housing in a shared room to one applicant who has never been to GRIP. GRIP believes this scholarship will reward a genealogist who has emulated Donn Devine’s giving spirit of volunteerism but has not had the opportunity to attend. Application deadline is January 1 each year with the winner notified by February 1.
  • Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society Suzanne Johnston Memorial Scholarship is open to WPGS members. To be considered, members must write a 150-200 word statement explaining how attendance at the chosen educational event will benefit their personal family history research. Application deadlines and submission instructions for scholarships are announced in the members’ newsletter.
  • For other awards and competitions, see the “Education (Genealogical)” page at

For GRIP blog posts about scholarships and their winners, see:


  • Register for early-bird discount. Pay attention to the advertised date for the discount period.
  • Suggest birthday and Christmas gift ideas to be toward tuition.
  • Save a little each month toward your education fund. You know you want to do this, so like any other investment, save all year. There is no better investment than an investment in yourself!
  • If working as a professional, take on sufficient client work to pay for learning opportunities.
  • Carpool to the venue with others from your area or along the way. It is not only more economical but fun! Road Trip!
  • Use frequent flier miles when it is necessary to fly. Not enough miles? Perhaps a friend or relative has points they cannot use.
  • Share rooming expenses with a friend whether in on-campus housing or a hotel. It is fun to share the adventure!
  • Stay further away at a cheaper hotel or camp at a state park and commute to the venue. At GRIP there are camp grounds about 30 minutes from the campus.
  • Seek out and apply for as many scholarship opportunities as you qualify for. Similarly, participate in conferences that have door prize gift certificates to institutes.