Strategies for Registration On February 17

With the opening of GRIP registration on Wednesday, February 17 for the 2021 June and July courses, we thought we would give you some “behind the scenes” advice for navigating the process.

1.) The June and July institute weeks are treated as separate events. That means you will have to register separately for them (June at noon eastern and July at 2 pm eastern) and the databases are not connected. It also means that the registration questionnaire will need to be filled out each time. Please see a detailed description of the Registration Process and Questions at the bottom of

2.) We are anticipating that all courses will fill, some more quickly than others. Note that there are two courses that are repeated each week: Tom Jones’ Mastering Documentation and Catherine Desmarais’ Hands-on Forensic Genealogy. Wait lists will be instituted when a course is filled. We usually can accommodate several people from the wait list, but your number may not come up for a couple of months.

3.) Note that two courses have Pre-requisites – and that you will be asked about them during registration: Hands-On Forensic Genealogy and Advanced DNA Evidence. Please choose another course if you don’t meet the criteria listed on the detailed curriculum page (click on the course title link at

4.) Depending on your end goals, you will need to prioritize which course(s) you want to take. Please note: There is a $20 admin fee to transfer your registration between June and July (remember they are separate databases). There is no fee to transfer to a different course in the same week, provided there are openings. There is a $25 admin fee for cancelling a registration before full payment.

5.) If you have taken a GRIP course previously or have entered your contact information into the system, the registration system will recognize you by that email. If you need to change it, you can do that by entering your old email and changing your profile.

6.) On the final registration screen is a “Print Invoice” button for your convenience. Also, if you do not receive a confirmation email from “123Signup – GRIP” then your registration was incomplete. But be patient as the system may be a little busy.

We wish you luck on registration day. Thank you for your interest in GRIP!